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April 22, 2013

Feeling Foxy

As many friends and regular readers of my blog can tell you, I have a great fondness of foxes. Every time I stumble across fox-related crafts I make a mental note to return to them, but when it comes to it I can rarely find my way! So I’ve started making a list of fox crafts on a few pages of my blog, partly for my own records and partly to share some of my favourite foxy things. Enjoy and please let me know of any of your own fox finds!

Plains Fox Pocket Pillow by Coral and Tusk

Winter Wolves by Mister Finch

Magpie Dusk Wildlife Cake Tins designed by Tom Frost

Red Fox Art Toy – Kay Whelan Illustrations

April 8, 2013

Lovely Colourful Things

Spring is on the way, and it is time to share some of the bright and colourful things that I love right now:

Snuggly knitted blankets by Seven Gauge Studios.

This giant patchwork floor cushion by Big Bird’s Boutique.

Stunning quilts by The Family Love Tree.

lavender bag pile

Illustrated Linen Lavender Bags by Ceridwen Hazelchild Design.

These charming textile tea sets by Emma Dolan.

These handmade patterned notebooks by Brookfarm.

These illustrative dresses by Poppy Children. (Part of me wishes they came in adult sizes!)

March 28, 2013

Giveaway Time: New Hedgehog Tote Bag!

This week we introduced our new Hedgehog design to our range of cotton tote bags, and now you have the chance to nab one of these beauties for yourself! To enter the chance to win a lovely Hedgehog Cotton Tote Bag, head over to our facebook page and click the “like” button on the post about the giveaway and “like” our facebook page – the lucky winner will be announced next Monday 1st April!hedgehog tote bag

In my old house we used to have hedgehogs in the garden, but in the house I live in now we have badgers instead. There is a badger set on the edge of the garden. It sits the other side of a wooden fence in the part we leave to be wild. The ground is sloped and there is a little stream at the bottom, and during the spring bluebells bloom in the shade off the trees; I think all gardens should have a little nature patch, and ours is gradually growing stronger. When we moved in, our lovely neighbours told us about the badgers and we made a hole in the fence for them to come through and explore. It wasn’t long before they started digging little muddy holes in the lawn, but we didn’t mind that because it was lovely to hear them frolicking at night. There have been many times when I’ve been sewing into the early hours, with the patio door open for some fresh air, and I’ve heard the badgers playing in the grass.bedge cotton tote bag

Whilst I love the badger family and the midnight entertainment they provide, I do miss the hedgehogs; there is something undeniably adorable about them, and it was not uncommon to see one or two snuffling in the grass in the evening.  Which is why when I was drawing my Badger illustration, I was compelled to also draw a Hedgehog illustration too. I’ve added these designs to my range of tote bags, and I am working on adapting them for pocket mirrors, badges, lavender bags and zipper pouches in my etsy shop too.


Don’t forget to enter for your chance to win one of our Hedgehog totes here!

February 27, 2013

Mother’s Day Crafts!


With Mothers Day approaching in the UK, I’ve been playing with the idea of updating some of the products in my etsy shop. Lavender bags, pocket mirrors and make up pouches have all had a little spruce up in the last week, with more designs on their way!

Lavender Bags by Ceridwen Hazelchild Design

I found some super soft natural cotton linen fabric in my local haberdashery last week, and knew it could be used to make something wonderful, so I bought a meter to play with. It wasn’t long before my new range of illustrated square lavender bags were on their way! With a heat pressed image of my illustrations on one side, and filled with aromatic French lavender, these little beauties were finished just in time for Mother’s Day! These lavender bags are perfect keeping drawers and wardrobes smelling sweet, freshening up rooms and tucking beside beds to promote a restful slumber! Lavender has traditionally been used to aid sleep, calm and soothe for centuries, and the French Lavender filling in this bags has a lovely relaxing fragrance.

Pocket Mirrors, Ceridwen Hazelchild Design

I have also been expanding on my range of pocket mirrors. As regular readers may be aware, I recently started making these with lovely fabric illustrations instead of the old paper and cello designs; they have been very well received and are flying off the shelves! The pocket mirrors come complete with a lovely blue or pink hand stitched felt pouch with delicate off-white lace detail. Now my teacups and saucers illustration and eagle owl illustration have been added to the designs available!

make up

And finally, the makeup bags are somewhat of a work in progress, something I have been playing with for the last few months. Having finalised my designs, sewn my prototypes and ordered my fabric, all that’s left to do is wait for the supplies to arrive and sew! I have a feeling that due to various time constraints, they may not be ready for Mother’s Day in the UK this year, but they should be available towards the end of March!

A new customer favourite this week is our Breakfast in Bed IOU Coupons. I guess some lovely mums are getting a breakfast-y treat very soon!

valentine ious breakfast

January 8, 2013

Fabric Pocket Mirrors

pocket mirrors

One of the improvements I’ve made in the New Year is a little redesign of the pocket mirrors I make to sell in my etsy shop. The mirrors are hand pressed in my studio, with a glass mirror and metal body. Until recently the metal body was covered in a sheet of illustrated paper and a protective sheet of mylar, but now they are covered with fabric illustrations. I transfer the image onto the fabric using a heat press, in the same way I transfer images onto my tote bags, which gives a beautifully bright and crisp image on un-dyed natural cotton. These fabric images are cut out and the mirror is constructed and sealed. The pocket mirrors comes complete with a lovely blue or pink hand stitched felt pouch with delicate off-white lace detail.

The new fabric illustrations have a wonderful texture and give a much craftier feel to the pocket mirrors. Let me know what you think!001

Red Fox Pocket Mirror, Ceridwen Hazelchild Design

December 4, 2012

Alice Palace Illustration

The last few weeks has brought with it a few birthdays for some lovely Sagittarian friends. Even though we may not live nearby any more, having moved to various parts of the country to pursue our dreams, we try to send tokens and cards through the post at regular intervals, and birthdays are one occasion which can’t be missed! I am a firm believer in card-giving, especially when it means you can support smaller companies and independent artists. One of my favourite illustrators in recent months is the independent greeting card company called Alice Palace.

I recommend taking a good look through their website to peruse the selection of quirky colourful designs.

November 27, 2012

Sally Swannell Advent Calenders

With December approaching fast, I feel the need to share these wonderful advent calendars by Sally Swannel. These flat-pack wonders are assembled to create a free-standing three-dimensional house, complete with chimney and dorm windows, with 24 numbered advent windows on all sides. They are relatively easy to assemble too; we did add a tiny bit of double sided tape on a few of the tabs to make it more secure, but it was more for peace-of-mind than any physical need for it as the slot and tab design holds the house together very well!

I also adore the miniature advent cards, which come with an envelope, perfect for giving and receiving. I enjoy these traditional picture advents like these so much more than chocolate ones!

November 6, 2012

Rachel Eardley Jewellery

I have recently stumbled across the beautiful jewellery of Rachel Eardley. Each piece is constructed from vintage coins, with painstakingly cut out figures and details used to adorn necklaces, rings, pins, cufflinks and bracelets. Examining her work has made me look at some of these coins in a completely new light; the little hares, dogs and horses which cover some of the Irish coins are my favourite, along with the intricate bird on the Fathings. There is something wonderful about transforming outdated coinage into something charmingly decorative and functional. The thing that really completes these lovely creations, is the boxes they are displayed in; each piece comes in a beautifully hand illustrated craft box, detailed with drawing and dates of the specific coins used.

October 30, 2012

Updates with pretty photots

The reason for my rather sporadic blog posting is rather simple. Whilst I would love to tell an exciting tale of adventure and time lapsing away over the summer, honestly, life has just got in the way. Running a business whilst also having a wonderful part time job means my spare time is spent sleeping, waiting for buses, thinking about art, or all three simultaneously. I have been rather lucky and managed to utilise my travel time; my bus journeys are now spent answering email enquiries on my phone, or sketching out new designs or potential new product lines. I’ve even incorporated my post office trip into my lunch time routine.

In these busy times, keeping up-to-date with various online profiles seems to fall behind. For those who are interested, my facebook page for my etsy shop is usually rife with updates every few days, detailing daily activities and sharing photographs of sewing pencil cases and lavender pouches, pressing bags and finishing off pocket mirrors – this page seems to have taken priority, whilst blogging has been neglected. With (dare I say it) Christmas approaching, more and more of my time is spent making crafts than writing about them. Although I never think this is a bad thing – a day spent sewing or pressing is both enjoyable and satisfying – I do enjoy sharing creations and discoveries with followers. One of the great things about my part-time job is that I am exposed to so many talented and inspiring makers, so I am hoping to be able to share a few of my favourites in the coming months, alongside general adventures I’ve squeezed in during my free time.

August 18, 2012

Craft Fairs

This past week has flown by in a flurry of new products and exciting orders, so that my update on my first craft stall seems to have taken a back seat. As I blogged last week about the preparations for my stall at the Made Market on Saturday, I have had many messages asking me how it went and asking for photographs of my stall. I have already posted a few on the Mystic Moose facebook page, but I felt a blog post was needed as well!

All the planning and foraging for display parts paid off, and I was delighted with the way the stall looked. By painting some of the wooden display boxes, which were all different kinds of wood, it gave a more cohesive look and made the products the focal point. Using upturned wine crates added height and depth to the display, and the mixture of large and smaller items drew customers in for a closer look. My one improvement for next time will be the find a better way of hanging the tote bags – I used hooks attached to the edge of the table, which worked really well, but because there were so many designs I felt it looked a little messy!

 I arrived with much more stock than I needed, and two boxes of totes sat under the stall waiting to replenish displays. Even through one never get used, I felt reassured by its presence, and would definitely bring more than needed again. As long as it can fit under the table, the worse that can happen is you turn up looking like you’re moving in!


I used the stall as an opportunity to launch a few new product lines; lavender bags, shrink plastic badges and new padded make-up bags. All three were very well received and have been launched in my etsy shop this week!

Selling fabric and paper crafts, and having an outdoor stall means the slightest breeze can cause chaos, which is where gaffa tape comes in. Honestly, my stall was held together with gaffa tape. I picked a spot that was relatively sheltered, but to be on the safe side I used it to tape tablecloths down, the hooks to the side of the stall, bags to their stands, price signs in their places, and to tape string around display boxes to keep cards from fluttering away. I used nearly a whole role, and gave some to my neighbouring crafters. I would recommend taking an emergency role of gaffa tape to anyone doing a stall.

Some things to bring next time:

More change – especially £5 notes!

Table clamps to save some of the gaffa tape.

A calculator – I had one perching on top of my bag before I left, but it must have fallen out!

Another calculator – in case the one you planned to bring goes missing.

A bottle of water, or a flask to tea.

Paper bags for customer’s purchases.

A card machine.


The wonderful thing about craft fairs is getting to meet your customers face-to-face. Selling predominantly online means you have some lovely email exchanges, but you never get the casual light heartedness of a conversation. You also have the opportunity to mingle with crafty peers, and meet some truly talented folk!


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