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January 15, 2011

Techniques for Making Art

1.      A new sketchbook which is taken everywhere.

2.      Go running four times a week to clear your head.

3.      Keep a journal and keep track of thoughts, ideas, process and inspirations.

4.      Meditate.

5.      Arrange a drawing session once a week with artist friends, even if drawing hasn’t been part of your practice for years.

6.      Seek out existing artists who deal with thesubjects that interest you. Get ahead on research. Plan outings to exhibitions.

7.      Choose some tea that will become your CreativiTea. Drink this every time you are thoroughly into your art, and begin to associate the two. Eventually the tea will bring out this mood in you when you feel blocked.

8.      Make lists. Try to write ten creative ideas aday. They can be fragments, subject areas, or fleeting images, but don’t sensor them and be sure to make no promises to create them or develop them. Allow them to be recorded as a creative idea you have had, and come back to them when you are ready.

9.      Surround yourself with beautiful things. Make a studio space that inspires you. Find out what inspires you.

10.  Keep the channel open. It is not your job to decide what is good or bad, it is your task to keep the creativity flowing.

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