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August 8, 2011

All For The Love Of Lemurs

I discovered the wonder of red ruffed lemurs at Paignton Zoo during my first year at university. Before this time I knew of the regular ring-tailed variety and, having only ever seen photographs or television images of them, had never really given them much thought. But after seeing my first red-ruffed lemur I realised how much I adored the rich cream contrasted with the deep auburn of their fur, their long spindly fingers and toes, their crinkled noses, ear tufts, and their elegant lumbering crawling walk. I loved their fruit based diet, their wide amber eyes and their elongated tails.

My visit to Wales this summer prompted another chance to roam with lemurs, this time at Manor House Wildlife Park, where both lemurs and wallabies were in walk-though enclosures which provided ample photographing opportunities, although over excited children seemed to intrude many of the shots. Then again, I challenge anyone to not be overwhelmed with excitement when given the opportunity to stroke and hand feed a miniature kangaroo.

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