Photographing Cotton Tote Bags

Mystic Moose Bags

The weather was so perfectly autumnal this weekend I decided to take my bike out and conduct a photo shoot of my newly pressed cotton totes which are for sale on etsy. Even though it was the first weekend of December, the crunchy fallen leaves were more reminiscent of harvest time than approaching mid-winter.

We are lucky enough to have many lovely Cotswold stone buildings and walls built nearby and it would have been foolish to not take advantage of these. The one in the above photograph surrounds a charming little pet graveyard I discovered a few months ago, with small engraved stones dedicated to the beloved animals of past inhabitants. The words on most of the graves have eroded over the years, but on some it was possible to make out a few names, such as “Nipper, 1906-1914”, “Rascal, 1921”, and “Our Beloved Pippa, 1898-1910”.  Although some graveyards can have a morbid feel, the idea that these people had cared so deeply for their family pets that they had invested in headstones for their burial is somewhat beautiful. Nearby there is an old graveyard for humans, but whilst it was usually deserted, this weekend brightly clad people were conducting maintenance on overhanging trees and I didn’t want to disturb them with my photography, despite the beautiful stonework contained within.

Mystic Moose Bags

Mystic Moose Bags


3 Comments to “Photographing Cotton Tote Bags”

  1. Sometimes all we need to make something amazing is a little accident ;)

  2. I just love the first picture. Its really beautiful.

    • Thank you so much – it was taken when the timer button was clicked too early, whilst I was still messing around with composition, but it turned out to be one of those happy accidents where you’re pleased with the unplanned result! I’m glad you like it :)

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