A Mystic Moose Label Making Spree

 It’s been ever such a busy few days, after a few of my etsy totes were featured on CraftGossip.com and in the daily etsy email. My studio has turn into quite the production line to keep up with all the wonderful orders I’ve been getting!

Today I spent three hours making tags for my tote bags. Luckily they are fairly simple to make, so I can get lots done whilst I listen to audio books (currently on the final captures of American Gods by Neil Gaiman.) I think these little tasks are essential to ensuring your crafts are well presented, but often I forget to restock them until I’ve nearly run out, and need to make hundreds!

What is great about this tags is that although they are made of fabric, the transfer used for the image stops the fabric from fraying, so I don’t have to use pinking shears (which always take me forever to use!) and I don’t have to hem the edges either. The only hard part is getting achy hands after using the eyelet punch on 500 or so labels, but even that can be solved with a well earned tea break! I am a huge fan of eyelets; tying twine through it in a loop means that the tags can be quickly attached the totes using a slip knot when I am packing them!

But pressing the fabric is time consuming for something that some customers may not even look at, so I have been considering making printed card versions in the same way, with the bronze coloured eyelet and twine loop. Whilst they would still look lovely, they would have to added benefit of being recyclable – unlike the fabric tags, some of which may end up in landfills. It also means it is considerably easier and less expensive to do double-sided tags, with extra information on the back – perhaps washing instructions, a little blurb about Mystic Moose, and a ‘recycle me’ prompt?


One Comment to “A Mystic Moose Label Making Spree”

  1. I love your logo and tags! Your branding is inspiring!

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