Studio Inspiration and New Tote Bags

I gave my studio a good spring clean this week because I have a tendency to collect various scraps of interesting materials and memorabilia which may one day make something wonderful, but, inevitably, never get used! The result is a studio full of rather lovely bits and pieces which unfortunately just turn into clutter, and could be more valuable to someone else who might actually use them. But whilst I was clearing the space, cleaning scraps of thread and fabric which got swept onto to the edge of the desk and onto the floor in my haste to start some new, crafty project, I began to notice how beautiful some of the most basic of craft materials are. The piles of lined up thread spools which I gaze at daily, for example, inspired a lovely colourful illustration which evolved into a tote design, which is for sale in the Mystic Moose etsy shop.

I am now looking around my studio in a new light. I have already taken inspiration from my typewriter, and my blue typewriter tote is one my my more popular items in my etsy shop, but I haven’t yet fully appreciated my sewing machine, or the piles of lace and wool I seem to collect and never have time to use!


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