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March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter

Happy Easter! A mug of tea and some delicious chocolate bunnies and eggs – perfect! We hope everyone is enjoying their Easter Sunday, and remember you still have time to enter our giveaway to win one of our new Hedgehog Tote Bags!

(Also, check out these bunny rolls made by a lovely friend of mine! They were adorable and delicious, with little peppercorn eyes.)Bunny Rolls

March 28, 2013

Giveaway Time: New Hedgehog Tote Bag!

This week we introduced our new Hedgehog design to our range of cotton tote bags, and now you have the chance to nab one of these beauties for yourself! To enter the chance to win a lovely Hedgehog Cotton Tote Bag, head over to our facebook page and click the “like” button on the post about the giveaway and “like” our facebook page – the lucky winner will be announced next Monday 1st April!hedgehog tote bag

In my old house we used to have hedgehogs in the garden, but in the house I live in now we have badgers instead. There is a badger set on the edge of the garden. It sits the other side of a wooden fence in the part we leave to be wild. The ground is sloped and there is a little stream at the bottom, and during the spring bluebells bloom in the shade off the trees; I think all gardens should have a little nature patch, and ours is gradually growing stronger. When we moved in, our lovely neighbours told us about the badgers and we made a hole in the fence for them to come through and explore. It wasn’t long before they started digging little muddy holes in the lawn, but we didn’t mind that because it was lovely to hear them frolicking at night. There have been many times when I’ve been sewing into the early hours, with the patio door open for some fresh air, and I’ve heard the badgers playing in the grass.bedge cotton tote bag

Whilst I love the badger family and the midnight entertainment they provide, I do miss the hedgehogs; there is something undeniably adorable about them, and it was not uncommon to see one or two snuffling in the grass in the evening.  Which is why when I was drawing my Badger illustration, I was compelled to also draw a Hedgehog illustration too. I’ve added these designs to my range of tote bags, and I am working on adapting them for pocket mirrors, badges, lavender bags and zipper pouches in my etsy shop too.


Don’t forget to enter for your chance to win one of our Hedgehog totes here!

March 26, 2013

MissPrint: Wallpaper and Fabric Designs

There is nothing like the oncoming spring to inspire redecorating. It goes hand-in-hand with that peculiar desire to purge the home of the dankness and darkness of winter, to clear the dust and evacuate the spiders from the corners of rooms, to bring light and colour and flowers inside. The annual Spring Clean urges us to make a fresh start, to clear our cupboards of the old collections from the last year and make room for new collections.

Whilst I’ve found time to do a little clearing this year, I have mainly been looking at beautiful decor to ring in the season – like the vibrant patterns by MissPrint, which adorn wallpaper, fabric, lampshades and more. I’ve had my eye on some of their beautiful screen printed fabric for some time, but am yet to find the perfect project for these perfect patterns! What I would give to have a house with walls like this!

March 18, 2013

Chloe Owens

Take a look at the beautifully colourful world of Chloe Owens, full of 60s flower prints and vibrantly patterned animals. Scrolling through her website is a feast of creativity, and is well worth perusing. But be warned, you’ll come away bursting with inspiration, enthusiasm and oh so many things for your next Christmas present list!

March 11, 2013

Mister Finch

I have utterly fallen in love with the world of Mister Finch, and I am certain you will too.

(I have caught glimpses of his fairytale fabric creations in the past but never knew the maker. I’m sure many readers are familiar with the frustration of finding something wonderful only to be unable to find out more, followed by the delight that comes when you can finally connect the work to the name of a maker, and perhaps even see more of their extraordinary creations.)

Woodland foxes, embroidered moths and elegant beasts lured me into a textile world rich in folklore and storytelling, that oozes fragility, charm and above all, beauty.

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