Illustrated Clothing and Ceramics!


Expanding product ranges can be one of the most daunting tasks when running a creative business. If you are lucky customers will get in touch to ask if you can make what they are looking for.

Recently I have opened a shop on, an online store which enables customers to purchase clothing, accessories, prints and household textiles adorned with the artwork of many talented illustrators and artists.

Over the past two and a half years of running Ceridwen Hazelchild Design I have recieved emails on a fairly regular basis enquiring if any of my illustrations are available on clothing. I have an established range of illustrated tote bags, and although I revel in the idea of someone loving one of my designs so much they would like to wear it, I have to admit it was never something I could feasibly invest in. There were several options on how to supply clothing printed with my illustrations, including making them from scratch, printing the illustrations myself on ready made clothing blanks, and placing an order with a printing company so they could print them for me. But the problem with these options was that clothing comes in many sizes and styles, and I would need to invest either a great amount of money or a great amount of time to produce such products. So a site like Society6, which prints the products when customers place an order, was just what I needed in this instance. Now I can provide those lovely customers with a opportunity to get the products they wanted, plus a few more!

I mean, how cute are these baby onesies?

Sone of my favourite products now available in my Society6 store are these animal mugs, with my fox, badger and rabbit designs on them.

Remember to ‘like’ the Ceridwen Hazelchild Design facebook page to keep up to date with any offers, deals, and new products!


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