Handmade TARDIS and Tarot Bunting

Tarot Bunting Ceridwen HazelchildNow that we’ve finished with the Christmas season, I can finally share some of the handmade gifts I made for friends this year. I can’t describe how difficult it was trying to keep these secret before they were opened! This Christmas had a bunting theme, so I made a few strings of special bunting for some close friends – including TARDIS bunting for an avid Dr Who fan and Tarot bunting for a Tarot Reader who is beginning to read professionally.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always found bunting takes me a while to make – especially when you are printing the fabric as well! The images were applied to linen using heat applied transfer, which allowed for bright and durable images, and then sewn into rectangular flags, which were then turned the right side out, ironed, and sewn into the binding at regular intervals.

Tarot Bunting Ceridwen HazelchildTarot Bunting Ceridwen Hazelchild

TARDIS Bunting Ceridwen HazelchildTARDIS Bunting Ceridwen HazelchildTARDIS Bunting Ceridwen HazelchildRemember to ‘like’ the Ceridwen Hazelchild Design facebook page to keep up to date with offers, deals, and new products!


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