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September 3, 2014

Refreshing Branding

refresh brandingThere are many blogs and articles online discussing how important branding in a creative business, but it is important to refresh and revisit your branding as your business evolves.

I’ve been running Ceridwen Hazelchild Design for two and a half years now, and in that time the tags I attach to my tote bags have evolved with my business.

Things to consider:


As a creative business owner, the time spent on things is valuable. Packaging and presentation are both very important, but it is important to focus on the quality and design of the product first. If you can get things like tags, labels or stickers pre-printed to a professional standard, they will look far better than printing them on your home printer and can improve the overall appearance of your product.


Keep packaging and labeling costs down by ordering a sample pack or a few designs to check you are satisfied and then ordering in bulk so that the overall cost per label is significantly reduced. This isn’t within everyone’s budget, so consider ways of cutting costs by punching the holes and threading yourself, or ordering something larger with several designs on, which you can then cut up yourself.


Make sure your packaging is in keeping with the style of your work. A cohesive design can make all the difference.

mystic moose tags

When I first started, working under different business name, the tags were made of natural fabric with an applied transfer with the branding on, complete with a brass coloured eyelet, and natural twine loop to attached to the bags.  Although these looked great, they took a great deal of time to make. I spent ages pressing the fabric, cutting them out, piercing and pressing the studs before finally threading the twine.

When I had sudden influx of orders I realised how impractical it was to spend so much time on the tags. I had to compramise and settle on printing out the same design on thick card on my own printer and punching a hole using a regular hole punch. Still, the time spent in front of the printer was time I could be designing, making, and expanding my product base, so I decided to get them printed professionally. I was pleased with the printed versions, but once I changed the name of my business to Ceridwen Hazelchild Design I needed new tags. And now I’ve nearly come to the bottom of a seemingly endless supply of card tags, it’s time to order some more!

I felt I had outgrown my old design and needed to freshen up. So keeping the logo, and incorporating some colour and illustrations I had been working on many years ago, I pieced together my new tags. I also changed the way the natural twine was threaded to make the whole thing look smarter. To coordinate with my new tags, I altered my Facebook page and Etsy logos for a cohesive brand.IMG_3903

business card holder

I usually slip a business card into each package I post from an online sale, which means I tend to get through a lot. A few weeks before I needed to reorder tags, I found I was running very low on business cards, and, again, felt like a change. The old cards featured a selection of my products sitting on a charming blue bench. When I find a really nice business card, I tend to keep it and pin it to my wall, and that is what I wanted from my cards. The new cards feature three of my most popular designs, and also double as a miniature work of art that customers can keep!

Ceridwen Hazelchild DesignThe back of a business card is the place to put your details, so customers know what you do and where to find you. Too much information can be overwhelming and make a card look cluttered, so keep it simple:




What do you do?


Selling on Etsy, I quite often get emails from lovely customers saying ‘thank you’ for their orders and letting me know how delighted they are with them. Already I have recieved comments on how much my new business cards were enjoyed, and it’s lovely to hear that it’s not just me that collects pretty ones I come across!

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