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March 21, 2015

This week in the Studio…

Time to get started on packing this weekend’s orders!

March 10, 2015



Protect your iPad, Kindle, eReader or tablet in style with these digital media cases. Made from natural canvas, the padded lining will help protect your tablet from everyday bumps and scratches whilst travelling. They feature my colourful illustrations on the front, and makes a wonderful gift for a nature lover!

These protective covers have a wooden button fastening and elastic hoop for easy access. They are suitable for most digital media, including Kindle, iPad, Tables and iPad Mini, with a small, medium and large size available for each design!







Spoil your darling mother this year with some of these colourful treats!

World’s Greatest Mum / M…


Flowers Fair Trade Tote Bag,…


Flower Vases Egg Cosy


Vintage Teacups Greeting Car…


Kitty Cat Illustration Throw…


Red Riding Hood Fabric Stora…


Greeting Card Vintage Map He…


Fox Toiletry Wash Bag / Make…


Flowers Fair Trade Tote Bag,…


Teacups Illustration Fabric…


Coupons – Breakfast in Bed /…


World’s Greatest Mum / M…


Vintage Caravan Greeting Car…


Flower Vases Fabric Badge, L…


Vintage Teacups Illustration…


Owl and Pussy Cat Illustrati…

February 15, 2015

This Week in the Studio

Have you spotted the new #illustrated pocket #mirrors and #badges over in my etsy shop yet?

Beautiful walk to the post office!

#Sewing lovely #linen #fabric and experimenting with some new #products!

Working on these #cute #egg #cosies this morning! #Handmade from linen with a spotty lining – what do you think?

Today I’ve been making #new #Flower #Totes, and more #illustrations are on the way! What a productive day!

I’ve been working on a new #hare #illustration over the last few weeks, and she’s now available in my Etsy shop!

I couldn’t decide between #Dippy and the #BlueWhale, so have #drawn #illustrations of both! These guys are now available on #tote #bags here:

Lots of #illustrated #fabric #storage boxes on the packing table this morning!

#Making lots of pretty #egg #cosies today, and this afternoon I’ll be doing some product #photography – so they’ll be available in my Etsy shop soon!

Some pretty new #pencil case #designs I’ve been #sewing

#Making lovely #egg #cosies today! #Toadstools seem to be a firm fave so far – you can see all the #designs here:

Working on some greeting #card #illustrations today!

A little #illustration I’ve been working on today – I’m very excited about these becoming greeting cards in the near future!

Happy #Valentines Day, everyone!

January 26, 2015

This week in the studio…

#Illustrated #Fabric #Storage Bins are now available! Are there any of my other #designs you’d like to see on these?

Pressing a few of these beauties this morning!

There are still a few things left in my Seconds #Sale, with up to 50% off #illustrated #bags with minor imperfections and errors!

Lots of these lovely #illustrated #tea towels heading to new homes this week!

The new #packaging is going down well! These #totes are getting ready to head off to one of my stocklists…

Pencil case #fabric, ready to be sewn…

Gathering a little #inspiration for more illustrations today…

There may be snow on the ground this morning, but it’s bright and sunny in the #studio and feels like spring is on the way!

July 16, 2014

Illustrated Clothing and Ceramics!


Expanding product ranges can be one of the most daunting tasks when running a creative business. If you are lucky customers will get in touch to ask if you can make what they are looking for.

Recently I have opened a shop on, an online store which enables customers to purchase clothing, accessories, prints and household textiles adorned with the artwork of many talented illustrators and artists.

Over the past two and a half years of running Ceridwen Hazelchild Design I have recieved emails on a fairly regular basis enquiring if any of my illustrations are available on clothing. I have an established range of illustrated tote bags, and although I revel in the idea of someone loving one of my designs so much they would like to wear it, I have to admit it was never something I could feasibly invest in. There were several options on how to supply clothing printed with my illustrations, including making them from scratch, printing the illustrations myself on ready made clothing blanks, and placing an order with a printing company so they could print them for me. But the problem with these options was that clothing comes in many sizes and styles, and I would need to invest either a great amount of money or a great amount of time to produce such products. So a site like Society6, which prints the products when customers place an order, was just what I needed in this instance. Now I can provide those lovely customers with a opportunity to get the products they wanted, plus a few more!

I mean, how cute are these baby onesies?

Sone of my favourite products now available in my Society6 store are these animal mugs, with my fox, badger and rabbit designs on them.

Remember to ‘like’ the Ceridwen Hazelchild Design facebook page to keep up to date with any offers, deals, and new products!

January 8, 2013

Fabric Pocket Mirrors

pocket mirrors

One of the improvements I’ve made in the New Year is a little redesign of the pocket mirrors I make to sell in my etsy shop. The mirrors are hand pressed in my studio, with a glass mirror and metal body. Until recently the metal body was covered in a sheet of illustrated paper and a protective sheet of mylar, but now they are covered with fabric illustrations. I transfer the image onto the fabric using a heat press, in the same way I transfer images onto my tote bags, which gives a beautifully bright and crisp image on un-dyed natural cotton. These fabric images are cut out and the mirror is constructed and sealed. The pocket mirrors comes complete with a lovely blue or pink hand stitched felt pouch with delicate off-white lace detail.

The new fabric illustrations have a wonderful texture and give a much craftier feel to the pocket mirrors. Let me know what you think!001

Red Fox Pocket Mirror, Ceridwen Hazelchild Design

December 4, 2012

Alice Palace Illustration

The last few weeks has brought with it a few birthdays for some lovely Sagittarian friends. Even though we may not live nearby any more, having moved to various parts of the country to pursue our dreams, we try to send tokens and cards through the post at regular intervals, and birthdays are one occasion which can’t be missed! I am a firm believer in card-giving, especially when it means you can support smaller companies and independent artists. One of my favourite illustrators in recent months is the independent greeting card company called Alice Palace.

I recommend taking a good look through their website to peruse the selection of quirky colourful designs.

November 27, 2012

Sally Swannell Advent Calenders

With December approaching fast, I feel the need to share these wonderful advent calendars by Sally Swannel. These flat-pack wonders are assembled to create a free-standing three-dimensional house, complete with chimney and dorm windows, with 24 numbered advent windows on all sides. They are relatively easy to assemble too; we did add a tiny bit of double sided tape on a few of the tabs to make it more secure, but it was more for peace-of-mind than any physical need for it as the slot and tab design holds the house together very well!

I also adore the miniature advent cards, which come with an envelope, perfect for giving and receiving. I enjoy these traditional picture advents like these so much more than chocolate ones!

November 20, 2012

Lush Designs

If you are looking for colourful and quirkily designed home wares, I wholeheartedly recommend taking a browse through the delightful products by Lush Designs. Their screen printed lampshades are one of my favourite things to ogle at when I am in need of healthy dose of pretty things. Naturally I was drawn to the fox design, but after some thought I decided that I preferred it in the cream and pale grey to darker tones because of how the colours of a lampshade can affect the light in the room. The colours of all the designs are so beautiful and well combined that they seem to make my mouth water. The cotton napkins adorned with root vegetable screen prints are a prime example, with their exquisite array of purples, oranges and blues!

November 6, 2012

Rachel Eardley Jewellery

I have recently stumbled across the beautiful jewellery of Rachel Eardley. Each piece is constructed from vintage coins, with painstakingly cut out figures and details used to adorn necklaces, rings, pins, cufflinks and bracelets. Examining her work has made me look at some of these coins in a completely new light; the little hares, dogs and horses which cover some of the Irish coins are my favourite, along with the intricate bird on the Fathings. There is something wonderful about transforming outdated coinage into something charmingly decorative and functional. The thing that really completes these lovely creations, is the boxes they are displayed in; each piece comes in a beautifully hand illustrated craft box, detailed with drawing and dates of the specific coins used.

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