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June 23, 2014


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October 12, 2011

Karen Knorr: “Fables” Animal Photos

Karen Knorr’s extensive series of altered images combine digital animal photos from museums, zoos and nature reserves with images of cultural sanctuaries, such as museums, mansions and galleries, exploring the realm between nature and culture and challenging the boundaries of reality and illusion. Whilst fables usually refer to metaphorical lessons of human nature and behaviour told through the actions of animals and their relationships, the animals in this “Fables” series do not illustrate morals, but freely roam in territories which forbid their entry and only allow representations of nature to enter. These peaceful displays of wild animals seeming perfectly at home in the Carnavalet Museum, Chambord Castle, Chantilly Castle and Villa Savoye intends to highlight the jarring, ‘against nature’ attitudes such museums hold.

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