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February 27, 2013

Mother’s Day Crafts!


With Mothers Day approaching in the UK, I’ve been playing with the idea of updating some of the products in my etsy shop. Lavender bags, pocket mirrors and make up pouches have all had a little spruce up in the last week, with more designs on their way!

Lavender Bags by Ceridwen Hazelchild Design

I found some super soft natural cotton linen fabric in my local haberdashery last week, and knew it could be used to make something wonderful, so I bought a meter to play with. It wasn’t long before my new range of illustrated square lavender bags were on their way! With a heat pressed image of my illustrations on one side, and filled with aromatic French lavender, these little beauties were finished just in time for Mother’s Day! These lavender bags are perfect keeping drawers and wardrobes smelling sweet, freshening up rooms and tucking beside beds to promote a restful slumber! Lavender has traditionally been used to aid sleep, calm and soothe for centuries, and the French Lavender filling in this bags has a lovely relaxing fragrance.

Pocket Mirrors, Ceridwen Hazelchild Design

I have also been expanding on my range of pocket mirrors. As regular readers may be aware, I recently started making these with lovely fabric illustrations instead of the old paper and cello designs; they have been very well received and are flying off the shelves! The pocket mirrors come complete with a lovely blue or pink hand stitched felt pouch with delicate off-white lace detail. Now my teacups and saucers illustration and eagle owl illustration have been added to the designs available!

make up

And finally, the makeup bags are somewhat of a work in progress, something I have been playing with for the last few months. Having finalised my designs, sewn my prototypes and ordered my fabric, all that’s left to do is wait for the supplies to arrive and sew! I have a feeling that due to various time constraints, they may not be ready for Mother’s Day in the UK this year, but they should be available towards the end of March!

A new customer favourite this week is our Breakfast in Bed IOU Coupons. I guess some lovely mums are getting a breakfast-y treat very soon!

valentine ious breakfast

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