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January 22, 2012

Paper Cut Escapades

A few months ago I spent time drawing several designs for paper cuts (here, here and here), which never ended up being cut because of my lack of craft knife skills when it came to the details I wanted. But it’s a new year, and with that, comes new challenges, and new ways to overcome problems. So since I was having trouble with the details being so small, I figured, why not try cutting a larger version, so that the small details would also be bigger and easier to cut?

I took the design I posted a while back, based on the memories of travelling as a child, and started work on a larger version. It’s becoming so cold here that my fingertips felt frozen whilst I was trying to cut the paper! Although it’s not finished yet, I am very pleased with the results so far!

I’ve also got a few framed simpler papercuts availble in my etsy shop:

January 2, 2012

Emmy Lee: Photography

I came across Emmy Lee’s self portraits after they was posted on craftgawker, and fell in love with the young deer who features in many of them. I feel it is the peaceful trust between such a usually skittish creature and the girl that makes the images so intriguing. But it is not just the presence of Mia, the orphaned fawn, which creates the delicate fairytale quality in these photographs: the careful composition, use of colour and golden lighting help to construct a naturally whimsical image. By flicking through the photographs in her gallery, you can trace the fawn’s growth, as her white spots begin to fade and she becomes more confident with the camera.

October 31, 2011

Another Travelling Papercut

Continuing on from last week, I have made another papercut design based on childhood travelling memories. I definitely prefer the brown paper to the block colour now, and I am particularly fond of the delicate washing line and oil lamp, as well as the weaving on the bender tent. There is one more image on the way that should be completed with celerity.

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